New High Tech Sports Medicine Technology Helps Resolve Some of the Most Stubborn Injuries


As a runner, there might come a time when you get an injury that just won’t go away. However, recent technological innovations may be able to provide the solution that you’re looking for. If they work for world class athletes, I’m sure they can work for you. Here are four exciting new technologies that you should check out.

Thermal Imaging – Heat sensing cameras are used to identify changes in the temperature of soft-tissue. Images are captured and digitally sent to a computer monitor to be analyzed by technicians. Normal, cold areas are identified by black. Hotter areas are identified by white. It is these hotter areas that are of typical concern to therapists. Heat can indicate inflammation, a common symptom of injuries.

High Speed Video – The patient runs on a treadmill while being recorded by a high definition, high speed camera taking 500 frames per second. The runner’s gait is analyzed in slow motion. Therapists look for any slight, or odd deviations from what is considered an optimal gait.

Electromyography – Electrodes are used to measure and record the electrical activity of muscles while resting and contracting. Technicians analyze the information and look for any abnormal firing of neural signals. Unusually high activity in a particular body region, for example, can signal to therapists that the patient is over working that particular body region. When a body part is over used, it becomes weak over time due to fatigue and not being able to recover. This all leads to injuries.

Pneumatic Compression – The patient wears a space-like inflatable apparel, such as pants or arm sleeves. These apparel items fill with air in a wave like fashion. The moving compression moves blood to fatigued muscles, which speeds up recovery. This type of compression is considered to be superior to the static traditional compression that comes from wraps, because static compression reduces blood flow.


Source by Taylor Z Madison