Drafter Job Description – A Sketch of Your Career Path


If you want a career in drafting, a Drafter Job description can give you a clear sketch of what your responsibilities will be.

There are a lot of colleges that offer drafting as a course. There are is the architectural and mechanical field of drafting that you can choose from. Aside from the standard drafting subjects, you will be required a college algebra and introductory art classes as part of your curriculum. These subjects will be beneficial for your career as a Drafter for the job entails a lot of measurements and designs. Courses in computers, particularly CADD systems will be necessary tools in performing your functions as a Drafter. Most drafters now utilize the computer in making their designs and drawings. The higher your educational attainment, the farther you will go in terms of job opportunities and career advancement.

A Drafter is expected by their employers to excel in planning, designing and creation of blueprints. Architectural drafting focuses more on the study of drawing blueprints and designing of buildings. Mechanical drafting is geared more on the design of mechanical parts and is more in demand in the industrial sector. Their techniques are quite similar but both fields have different purposes.

Though the economy is going through hard times, houses are still being built and machines are still being made. There will always be a demand for an expert Drafter since their purpose and expertise fills in come companies needs. Enterprises need help to develop a product or a machine into its full potential. A mechanical drafter can redesign a machines component to make it function at its best. Construction companies need a model for the building they are constructing. Drafters are essential in creating the blueprint and aid in the long process of creating a building’s design. The role of a Drafter is important in both industries. It is up to you to choose which career path to take as long as it is your passion is either in architecture or mechanical or both.


Source by John F Smith