What Is Applicant Tracking System


If you are related to IT recruiting industry then you should be aware of applicant tracking system. In case you are not, this article will help you understand what an applicant tracking system is, and its various benefits. ATS is basically an application that enables the computerization of the IT recruitment process. This software can be implemented in small to large scale businesses, based on the diverse needs of the companies.

Applicant tracking system (ATS) is pretty similar to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, the only difference is that ATS is exclusively designed for the tracking of the IT recruitment process. This software enables companies to efficiently recruit the right employees for the organization. The ATS provides a web based portal for the IT staffing firms to organize the information and details required to hire the finest technical talent available.

Why Do IT Recruiting Firms Use This Software?

There are several reasons due to which the IT recruiting firms prefer using the applicant tracking system to keep a track of the hiring process. The first and foremost reason why the IT recruiting firms use this software is that it provides competitive advantage to the firm. Today, competition is not just limited to the candidates to find the best job in the industry but the companies are also competing against each other to hire the best candidates available in the market.

The IT firms are looking for new methods and tools to access information about potential candidates, avoid any resume duplication, check the background, and qualification of the candidates and so on. It is essential for the companies to create a solid database of resumes they can fall back on when required. When a company has potential candidates in their database, they can directly reach out to the candidates when required, without having to pay placement fees to the staffing firms.

The applicant tracking system provides up to date information which enables recruiters to stay organized. Thus, having access to a solid database of potential candidates can give a competitive advantage to the technical recruiting companies.

Simply buying an applicant tracking system is just half the job done. Before buying an ATS, you should first test the features to make sure that it perfectly suits your staffing business model. These features are the main reasons because of which a firm purchases an applicant tracking system. The ATS should be able to create a solid recruiting infrastructure, and help you measure the performance metrics with the help of reports.

How Can You Benefit From ATS?

We all know about the black hole where the resume goes when you submit it online to a company’s website. The applicant tracking system is designed in a way to avoid this and establish reminders to keep in touch with all those who have submitted resumes through the company’s web portal. The ATS also enables you to post jobs more efficiently to the various employment websites. The automation of this process will help you save time as well as money on technical support, administrative costs, and accessibility.


Source by M Umesh